High Voltage Components

We manufacture High Voltage Connectors which are used for several applications, with ratings of 3kV to 400kV. These Connectors are manufactured using state of the art technology, profile, materials and metallurgy so that they work well for a long duration. All connectors are designed and developed in-house and manufactured so that the customer gets the advantage of simplicity.

These systems are used wherever High Voltage has to be connected from one place to another place with safety in mind. The greatest advantages of this system are the safety aspects. We can easily generate high voltage upto 150kV and keep it plugged in different areas when they are going from a power supply to resistor for charging or from resistor to even a capacitor, etc.

Our connectors are quiet safe, light weight, compact, rugged, and easily deployable at different places including in weapon systems. Many different configurations can be made, with minimum one input and upto 20 outputs. We also make in line connectors as well as high voltage trigger connectors where we have feed-throughs also coming out for trigger applications.

High Voltage Connectors

Inline Connectors

High Voltage Cables

Cable with Connector
Cable with Connector

Zeonics Systech manufactures several types of High Voltage Cables used for DC and AC applications, the maximum voltages available are 500kVDC and starts from 5kVDC. The standard Cables and Wires come in lengths of 25m unless otherwise specified. Lengths of 100m can also be provided. All the Cables are tested for its full specification and accompanies a certificate of conformance with the supplies. Minimum quantity is 25m subject to size and specs.

We also manufacture Low Inductance Cables for 25kV and 35kV Applications used as Load lines, in certain critical applications of Missile Stage Separation, Detonation Experimentation.

These cables can also be supplied in cable harnesses with suitable High Voltage Connectors connected on both sides.

These are thick film coated resistors or bulk ceramic resistors which are produced for manufacturing pulse power equipment. In pulse power equipment, we require least inductance, hence wire wound resistors and similar resistors cannot be used for these applications.

The resistors are used for all sorts of Pulse Discharge Circuits where one requires very low inductance and does not want any ringing in the circuit.  Hence these resistors have good energy absorption characteristics also. We have standardized on 150mm, 200mm and 300mm sizes at the moment which is 150 watts, 200 watts and 300 watts and all sets of such to go in kilowatts. We can also give gas filled resistors on special request.

Since these resistors are quite robust with solid ceramic construction hence they offer good life characteristics, care should be taken that the greatest advantage can be brought or achieved from this resistors by ensuring that the film of the resistor does not get damaged hence during time of handling one has to be very careful for handling specially high value resistors that the surfaces are clean, free of dust, grit and oil.

High Voltage Resistors

Pulse Resistor
HV Resistor

High Voltage Diodes

HV Diode
HV Diode

Diodes used all over the world are nowadays for fast recovery, upto 75ns, PIV Voltage in the region of maximum 400kV, power diodes are also available and we integrate the diodes into sub-assemblies for specific applications like magnetization, high impulse current, forward bias as well as blocking of signals, etc., & protection networks.

Purchasing Diodes from Zeonics has the advantage that we can tailor make the diode assembly as per the requirement of the customer. Each and every diode is tested for its peak inverse voltage and forward current test.

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