Terms & Conditions for our Suppliers

Purchase Order Terms & Conditions are as follows:

  1. The order should be acknowledged immediately.
  2. Purchase Order number must be quoted in all correspondence, including Delivery Challans and Invoices. / Industrial
  3. The date of delivery of the material stipulated in the purchase order is the essence of this Purchase Order. Hence the Supplier should adhere to the Delivery Date in the order.
  4. In case the supplier fails to deliver the ordered items within the delivery period stipulated in this order, Zeonics Systech reserves the right either to cancel the order or impose Liquidated Damages at 0.5% (half Percent) of the Value of the order for the delay of each week, from the scheduled date of delivery to completion of the work envisaged in the order subject to a maximum of 5% (Five Percent).
  5. Any alteration or modification in this order should be communicated to the Managing Director, Zeonics Systech within four days. Unless an amendment is issued, no modification to this Order will be entertained by Zeonics Systech
  6. All goods are to be delivered cartage paid to Zeonics Systech unless otherwise stated. Local deliveries will be received in the Stores on all working days (Monday to Friday) between 9:30AM to 12 noon and 2:00PM to 4:00PM, except on Holidays.
  7. If after the acceptance of this order, the supplier fails to deliver the goods with in the specified time or if the supplier fails to replace any rejected goods, Zeonics Systech shall be at liberty to cancel the order and to procure the goods from elsewhere at the cost of the Supplier
  8. Sample against orders may be collected from the Stores on Working days between 9:30AM to 12 noon and 2:00PM to 4:00PM.
  9. Similarly, samples should be submitted if asked for in the order to the Stores-in-charge, Zeonics Systech for approval
  10. As soon as the dispatch is made, Supplier should send a duplicate set of dispatch documents immediately after dispatch, Failing which Zeonics Systech shall not be responsible for Demurrage/Wharfage, if any.
  11. No goods will be accepted by unless accompanied by completed delivery challans or Invoice, clearly indicating therein Purchase Order No. and date, description of goods, quantity, unit, gross weight and net weight, LR/RPP/CAN NO and date as may be required
  12. Incase of GST, supplier should submit Retail invoice bearing GST registration number
  13. All material should be of highest quality as all the material are used for production of military systems which require the highest reliability
  14. If the delivery of the stores covered by this purchase order is affected after the stipulated delivery period, the receipt of the stores will be without Prejudice to purchaser’s rights
  15. A receipt for the packages only and not for the contents will be given at our Stores in case of locally delivered items. Invoice in duplicate should be submitted to the stores-in-charge with all relevant references and supporting documents with the material but in any case, within a week from the date of supply / delivery of material. If the supplier fails to submit the Invoice within the time stipulated above, Zeonics Systech will not be responsible for delay in making payment and treat the supply incomplete.
  16. The name and address of our Bankers are Indian Overseas Bank, Vignananagar Branch, 24, K.H. Main Road, Malleshpalya Extn, Bangalore -75
  17. The ordered goods are to be delivered in one lot unless otherwise specified by Zeonics Systech. Zeonics Systech reserves the right to reject part supply.
  18. Packing: The packing of the goods shall be proper and adequate according to the nature of goods and suit the mode of transport. All Packages shall contain a packing list detailing the number and details of items packed.
  19. Zeonics Systech will not accept excess material. Therefore, the supplier should deliver only the ordered quantity
  20. Zeonics Systech reserves the right to reject goods in which specifications or materials or workmanship or quality or not Conforming to drawings are not approved by the Purchaser whose decision shall be final. Any queries on drawings, Specifications should be sought and clarified from Zeonics Systech before commencement of production.
  21. If any item is rejected, notice of such rejection shall be given to the suppliers and on receipt of such notice the rejected goods must be removed immediately at the supplier’s expense and must be replaced for the approval of the purchase.
  22. All rejected goods pending removal will remain at Zeonics Systech premises at the supplier’s risk.
  23. If the rejected goods are not removed within 10 (ten) days from the issue of the Rejection Note, Zeonics Systech shall not be responsible for the safe custody of the rejected goods, Zeonics Systech will be at liberty to dispose of such item/s. If the supplier fails to lift the rejected item(s) within the above stipulated time, the expenditure incurred in this regard will be to Suppliers account
  24. Guarantee (Wherever applicable): Goods supplied against this order should be guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the date of acceptance against defective material and poor workmanship. Any defects found during the guarantee period will either be rectified or replacement would be made available free of charge promptly. However, if the materials in this order have more than 12 months guarantee than such a period shall apply.
  25. Operation/instruction/Service Manual (Wherever applicable): to be supplied with each unit.
  26. Settlement of Disputes: All disputes arising out of this Order should be settled amicably by the Purchaser and the Supplier in the court of Bangalore, India.