Zeonics Systech is a premier provider of well-designed, efficient and reliable components and systems in the fields of High Voltage, Pulse Power and Futuristic Weapons.

Our Equipment and components are used in RADARs, Plasma Generation, Scientific Research, Futuristic Weapon Systems, Medical equipment, Fission and Fusion research, Large energy storage and discharge systems, X-ray Systems, Shock Wave Generators, NEMP Generation and Protection and various other fields. Certified by ISO, DSIR, CE, NSIC and IAEA, we manufacture professional and intuitive equipment. Since 2018, Zeonics Systech has transitioned to innovating systems for the general public, and we welcome anyone to come to us to get custom designed solutions for a variety of concepts and ideas.

We have a highly well-equipped R&D laboratory as well as Testing Lab, where we also undertake a variety of testing and certification of various components and equipment.

Zeonics Systech offers expert consultancy services in the areas of High Voltage, Pulse Power, Transformers, Material Science, Pulse Forming Networks, High Frequency and High Power Systems.

Who Are We?

Zeonics Systech Defence & Aerospace Engineers (P) Ltd., was established in the year 1981 with the specific purpose of manufacturing High Voltage components & Systems. The unit was started as a Micro Scale unit mainly to design, Develop & Manufacture a wide variety of Highly Specialized Equipments & Components used for Defence & Atomic Energy applications. The unit has one of the most sophisticated R & D labs in the country with state of the art equipment & manufacturing facilities. The unit has now grown into a Macro Scale unit with highly specialised & Sophisticated Research & Development Laboratory, Capable of handling critical projects. The Components manufactured by the unit are cost effective and most reliable, military approvals are available where required. Over 2500+ Products have been developed in the last 42 years.

Zeonics Systech believes in helping people bring their ideas into reality. We believe in you, so we make your life easier, and we custom-build your ideas into actual products.

We’re here to help you make the most of your time and focus on what matters most. Whether you’re trying to generate plasma, do research, change food, we are here to help you achieve your goals, without having to worry about High Voltage or Pulse Power.


We have also diversified in to futuristic Electromagnetic Weapon Systems, Fast Rise Time Impulse Generators which are used for specialized weapon testing etc. Some of our products qualify for the environment requirements of the Joint Services and hence are very reliable for rough Field use.


Defence Systems | Particle Accelerators | Lasers for Medical / Industrial applications | Medical Electronics | Weaponry | Fusion Programs | Electron tube manufacturers | Advanced EM Weapons | Explosives | X-Ray Generator’s

Most of our Products are Certified By

ISO 9001:2015 | DSIR – Department of Science & Industrial Research | CE – ConformitĂ© EuropĂ©ene | NSIC – National Small Industries Corporation | IAEA – International Atomic Energy Agency

What We Do?

Specialized Products

Specialized Products

We design and develop a wide variety of Specialized Products. For any components not easily available, we most likely already have a solution.

Research & Development

Research & Development

Connect with us for your Research & Development needs in the areas of High Voltage and Pulse Power

Engineering Consultancy

Engineering Consultancy

Need a product custom-built to your specifications? If you have a special need unavailable in the market, contact us today!

Testing & Verification

Testing & Verification

With several state of the art equipment, we can help you understand and verify how well your product is working.