Measuring Devices

We manufacture Pulse Transformer type CTs which can be used for fast rise time pulses. Different models are developed including certain Rogowaski Coils. These are available for different applications for currents up to 100kA.
A variety of Sensitivities from 1V/A upto 0.001V/A are available with us.

Pulse Current Transformer

Pulse CT
Pulse CT
Pulse CT

High Voltage Probes

HV DC Pulse Probe
Capacitive HV Probe
HV AC Divider

The Dividers are used for measuring of High Voltages like DC Voltages, Pulse Voltages, and AC Voltages, and can be used in situ and out of situ where it can be used as measuring equipment coupled with an oscilloscope as well as it can be also used for generating feedback for controlling certain equipment. The Dividers have ratios typically of 1000:1 or 10000:1 depending upon the application and demand of the customer.

The dividers are very rugged, compact and work for a very large temperature range of -20° to +85°C. The Dividers do not load the circuit as they have very less capacitance (sometimes in Pico farad range) on the load.

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